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brings scientist and citizen closer together.

Getting started with citizen science?


Is citizen science for you?
What is the goal of my project? Which approach is the best fit for my research question? Where do I find reading tips to learn more about citizen science? Can I take part in events in order to learn about citizen science or share experience with other practitioners? Where can I find partner organisations to help with communication development and other aspects of the project? What are the funding options?


How do I find my target audience? How do I write a communication plan? How do I recruit participants and keep them motivated? How do I deal with feedback and project results? How do I gather and store data? How do I implement privacy standards, IP rights, GDPR and ethical standards? How do I evaluate my project's impact? What tools and platforms exist to gather the citizens' data?


What do I do when my project (funding) ends? Can European financing be used to expand my project to an international scale? Can (parts of) the project live on after financing? Where do I store the project data? What tools can I use? What can I do to show the participants my appreciation?

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