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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is scientific research conducted with or by non-scientists. There are different types of citizen science. There are researchers that rely on volunteers to take on certain scientific tasks in their research (e.g. to observe, collect data, analyse data...).

There are also cocreation projects, where citizens don't only collect data, but also work together with the scientists to determine the research questions, to implement solutions or to communicate on results.

If the citizens initiate their own scientific research, with of without the involvement of professional scientists, it is called 'bottom up citizen science'.

What is Scivil and what does it do?

Scivil is the Flemish knowledge centre for Citizen Science. Scivil wants more citizen science in Flanders and aims to accomplish this by uniting, supporting and informing scientists, citizens, institutions and companies. Read more about Scivil.

What is the relation between Scivil, RVO-Society, imec and the Flemish government?

In 2017 the Flemish government gave the Roger Van Overstraeten Society (RVO) a mandate to start up a knowledge centre on citizen science. In January 2018, Scivil was founded. RVO-Society is the umbrella organisation of Scivil and Brightlab, the education laboratory that develops STEM lessons for schools. RVO-Society is (partially) funded by the department EWI of the Flemish government. The offices of RVO-Society, Scivil and Brightlab share the location with the offices of imec in Leuven.

Why the name 'Scivil'?

The name 'Scivil' is a contraction of the words 'science' and 'civil'. It symbolises the close bond between scientists and citizens.

That intertwining is also visible in the Scivil logo; the S in Science is made up of the same shape as the C in Civil.

I want to participate in citizen science. Which project should I choose?

Scivil stays up to date with the latest citizen science news in Flanders and beyond, so we can certainly give you an idea of where to start

However, it is best to also check out (in Dutch). This website offers a large database of citizen scientists in Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries. The search tool will help you find specific projects, subjects, and even locations (at home, in school...). 

Does Scivil only support projects that are funded by the Flemish government (Department EWI)?

No, Scivil wants to support citizen science all over Flanders. We are in close contact with the Flemish government and the citizen science projects that were funded by EWI, but Scivil also supports other citizen science initiatives!

Is Scivil in charge of the selection or evaluation of projects for funding?

No. Scivil does not partake in the selection process for project funding by the department EWI of the Flemish government. We also do not evaluate these projects after their funding ends. 

Project initiators who need help or suggestions when answering a funding call or filling out evaluations, can rely upon Scivil for advice.

I want to apply for funding. Does Scivil offer any advice?

Absolutely! You can send a draft of your application to We will take a look at the citizen science aspect of your research and offer advice on how to approve your application.

Or better yet, contact Scivil before you start writing your application, so that we can offer suggestions and ideas right from the start!

My project is funded by EWI. Which logos should I use?

If your project is funded by the department Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish government, it is obligated to use the logo of the Flemish government in all your publications. For more information, take a look at the style guide website of the government (in Dutch).

You do not have to use the Scivil logo on all your publications, unless we are a direct partner in (part of) your citizen science project.

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