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Scivil Communication Guide launched

Communication is an essential part during all phases of a citizen science project. To recruit, engage, inform and train citizen scientists as well as to show your appreciation for their contributions to the project. 


To help out citizen science initiators, Scivil's working group 'Communication and Participation' developed a guide: 'Communication in Citizen Science. A practical guide to communication and engagement in citizen science.'

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In this guide, we offer you the building blocks to start your own communication plan. It includes exercises to help you reach different audiences, including schools. You'll read about tactics and tools that will help you achieve initial and continued participation of citizen scientists. Finally, the guide gives you some tips and a step-by-step guide to get started with communicating with and for citizen scientists.

Download the guide below and use it as a guide or a source of ideas for the specific needs of your own citizen science project.

This guide was developed by Scivil's working group 'Communication and Participation'. Its authors are Carina Veeckman and Sarah Talboom, researchers at SMIT-VUB, Liesbeth Gijsel (EOS, Iedereen Wetenschapper), Hilde Devoghel (Tales and Talks) and Annelies Duerinckx (Scivil).

Read the communication guide
Download (EN pdf)
Our communication guide in English
Download (EN pdf)
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