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Scivil and Knowledge Centre Data & Society work together on AI

Scivil joins forces with Knowledge Centre Data & Society to work on a project about Artificial Intelligence, commissioned by the Flemish government.


The Knowledge Centre Data & Society and Scivil are starting up a one-year program. The project consists of a trajectory that will make Artificial Intelligence more tangible for the general public, using citizen science. Our mission is to use AI in four societal problems: mobility, climate, digitisation and health care.

The goal is to create a big citizen science trajectory, with interaction between citizens, AI-experts, companies and NGOs. Together, we want to learn how to formulate good questions that can be solved by Artificial Intelligence. This way, we make the concept 'AI' more approachable for the general public. Citizens can then discover the things AI can or cannot do.

After the questions have been formulated, the trajectory doesn't end yet. Together with citizens, NGOs, companies and AI-experts, we will formulate open calls. With these calls, we aim to set up concrete projects that can solve the questions regarding mobility, climate, digitisation and health care.

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